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David Cameron demands 'big conversation' about killer seagulls

Two seagull attacks in Cornwall left a pet tortoise and a Yorkshire terrier dead

David Cameron has spoken out about seagulls after two attacks in Cornwall left a pet tortoise and a Yorkshire terrier dead.

Speaking on BBC Radio Cornwall, the Prime Minister said it was a “difficult subject” but demanded action.

He said: “I think this is a very difficult subject and I think it is a dangerous one for a Prime Minister to dive in and come up with an instant answer.

“I think a big conversation needs to happen about this, and frankly I think the people we need to listen to are people who really understand this issue in Cornwall and the potential effect that it’s having.

“Reading the papers this morning about how aggressive the seagulls now are in St Ives, for instance – we do have a problem.”

This week Emily Vincent spoke to media about her Yorkshire terrier, Roo, who was attacked by gulls in her garden in front of her young child and later died from his wounds. The Cornwall mother was later told by authorities that she could not disturb the nest as the gulls were protected by law.

Jan Byrne from Liskeard told BBC Radio Cornwall that her tortoise Stig “had been turned upside down” by gulls in a fatal attack that left her pet with “severe injuries, bleeding profusely”.

The Prime Minister's comments come almost exactly a year after similar seagull concerns were expressed by a Fianna Fáil senator.

On July 17 last year, Ned O'Sullivan told the Seanad that seagulls in Dublin had 'lost the run of themselves.'

He said at the time that the birds were keeping people awake and stealing food.

He also expressed concerns that the birds were "getting so cheeky" that they may even attack children in an effort to steal sweets.

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