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Scholarship awarded to Thomas Devlin's mother

Published 19/03/2013

Bimpe Archer

A MOTHER whose crusade for justice for her murdered teenage son helped put his killers behind bars has been awarded a prestigious scholarship to study at a top US university.

Penny Holloway's 15-year-old son Thomas Devlin was stabbed to death yards from his front door in north Belfast in 2005.

She and her husband Jim Devlin were key to the prosecution's case of their son's killing being a "joint venture murder" after studying similar cases brought by prosecutors in England.

Ms Holloway has received a Fulbright Award to undertake research at Harvard Law School.

It is one of the most prestigious and selective scholarship programmes world-wide, with former recipients including former US president Bill Clinton, poet Sylvia Plath and economist Milton Friedman.

Ms Holloway, who is director of conciliation and arbitration at the Labour Relations Agency, is to study the potential for an organisational ombudsman to resolve workplace disputes in Northern Ireland.

"As a Fulbright scholar I am delighted to be working with academics and practitioners in one of the best law schools worldwide," Ms Holloway said.

"I know that I will be able to bring back practical applications for the advancement of alternative dispute resolution in the workplace to Northern Ireland." ■ CRUSADE: Penny Holloway and her husband Jim Devlin sit in front of a picture of her murdered 15-year-old son Thomas