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Here's why Ireland is the second most expensive country in the EU

Irish prices were found to be 125% of the EU average in 2016. 
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Alcohol in Ireland is more expensive than in any other country in the European Union, new figures show. 

Ireland is175% of the EU average for alcoholic beverages and tobacco, according to figures published by Eurostat.  

It is followed by the UK (162%) and by the three Nordic EU States – Finland (135%), Sweden (128%) and Denmark (122%). 

Among the lowest prices for alcohol and tobacco were Bulgaria (56%), Hungary (67%), Poland (68%) and Romania (69%)

Ireland is the second most expensive country in the EU behind only Denmark.

Irish prices were found to be 125% of the EU average in 2016. This was calculated by comparing a wide range of goods and services. 

Ireland is the third highest for cars,motor-bikes and bicycles(111% of EU average), fourth highest for restaurants and hotels and fifth highest for food and non-alcoholic drinks (120% of EU average).

With food and non-alcoholic drinks the highest prices were seen in Denmark (148%) and Sweden (126%) and lowest in Poland and Romania (both 62%).

Ireland is on the EU average for consumer electronics. Prices were highest in Denmark (115%) and lowest in Poland (86%) for these goods.

Despite all this the EU, overall remains a lot cheaper than some non-EU European countries, with prices in Switzerland, Iceland and Norway being much higher. 




Republic of Ireland news

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