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Poll suggests new Independent Group would be backed by 14 per cent of voters just three days after launch

Members of the newly-formed Independent Group of MPs. Picture by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A POLL has suggested the new Independent Group of MPs would be backed by 14 per cent of voters just three days after it launched.

The first survey carried out since seven MPs defected from Labour reveals it is already in third place behind Jeremy Corbyn's party, the Tories and Liberal Democrats.

It suggests the newly formed party is pulling support from both the Tories, who score 38 per cent, and Labour, who plunge to 26 per cent.

The last YouGov poll had the Tories on 41 per cent and Labour on 33 per cent.

However, the survey was carried out on Monday and Tuesday - when the group was only made up of ex-Labour MPs and came ahead of the move by the three Conservative MPs who joined the group yesterday.

A YouGov spokesman said: "Compared to our current voting intention figures, it's clear that the Independent Group are taking support from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats - though it's Labour who take the biggest knock.

"Note that much of the difference is not down to votes transferring to the new party, but because many current Labour voters say they don't know who they would vote for in that scenario.

"This is to be expected - while the split has happened, The Independent Group don't yet have a leader, don't yet have policies and are not yet even a political party."

He added: "It's also worth bearing in mind that this poll was conducted on Monday and Tuesday, when the Independent Group was made up only of former Labour MPs.

"Today's subsequent defection of several Conservative MPs may well change how the nascent movement is seen by the public, and make it more attractive to disaffected Conservative voters."

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