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Police investigate Kirkwood's foul-mouthed tirade

Published 18/01/2014

POLICE last night confirmed they are investigating a foulmouthed online tirade by a loyalist awaiting sentence for dog-fighting offences.

Wayne Kirkwood pleaded guilty in what was described as one of the north's worst cases of animal cruelty ever brought to court.

The Irish News yesterday revealed that despite admitting several charges, Kirkwood, left, posted abusive comments online against the police and USPCA.

The 20-year-old, who is from a well-known loyalist family, also made a sectarian comment against

one employee, branding her an "Irish b*****d".

He finished his tirade by challenging anyone who had a problem with his views to confront him "face to face" to "sort it out".

Wayne Kirkwood, his brother Christopher (23) and father Jeremiah (43) originally faced a total of 15 charges but each pleaded guilty to three on Tuesday.

The men, all with addresses on Island Street, Belfast, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to four terrier cross puppies in November 2011.

They also pleaded guilty to possession of items for use in connection with an animal fight, and keeping or training four bull lurcher dogs for an animal fight.

Another man Jamie Edward Morrow (19), of McAllister Court in east Belfast, admitted keeping or training an animal for a fight, namely a whippet cross Staffordshire bull terrier.

Wayne Kirkwood's Facebook page was yesterday removed from public view after his remarks were highlighted by The Irish News.

A spokesman for PSNI last night said: "Police are investigating the reported behaviour."

The men have been released on bail before sentencing at Belfast Crown Court on February 21.