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Paisley jnr breaks silence on interview

Published 31/01/2014

John Manley Political Reporter

IAN Paisley jnr has commented for the first time on the public acrimony between his parents and the DUP leadership.

In a recent BBC interview, former DUP leader Ian Paisley accused his successor Peter robinson and other senior party figures of forcing him to quit. The programmes also saw his wife eileen brand deputy leader Nigel Dodds a "cheeky sod" over his alleged role in ousting her husband in 2008.

Ian Paisley Jnr has consistently declined to speak about the public spat, which has placed the North Antrim MP in an awkward position. However, in his regular column in the Irish Sun yesterday,

Mr Paisley broke his silence on the fall-out between the DUP figureheads .

He remarked on how many people had asked him to comment on the documentary about his father. "So here goes... Simply put, this has involved my family and my party,'' he said. "I may be in public life but I know few will fail to understand that these are personal private matters."

Mr Paisley stated that he loves his father and serves both the DUP and his constituents with a "great deal of pride and affection". "All of the above are straightforward. I have nothing else to say on this," he wrote. "So my comment from here on in? With respect it's 'no comment'."