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Man loses appeal over assault in family feud case

A CO Tyrone man found guilty of assault and threatening to “put a bullet behind the ear” of his elderly father-in-law in a family feud over property has lost an appeal against his sentence.

Property frozen belongs to UDA suspect

Allison Morris
A PROPERTY in Newtownabbey, believed to belong to a suspected member of the UDA, has been seized by the Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF).

Sister of Bobby Sands denounces former comrades at mother's funeral

Bimpe Archer
A SISTER of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands has denounced his former comrades from the pulpit at their mother's funeral. Bernadette Sands-McKevitt claimed that republicans ignored her brother's burial wishes following his death in the Maze in May 1981. Sands, who was...

Attention turns to by-election as Barry McElduff resigns over Kingsmill video

John Manley and Brendan Hughes
ATTENTION turned last night to a potentially acrimonious Westminster by-election following the resignation of West Tyrone MP Barry McElduff over his Kingsmill video post. As Sinn Féin faced further criticism over its decision to suspend the long-serving representative a week ago,...

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