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GAA anthem writer Rory Gallagher breaks world record for marathon acoustic performance on Facebook Live

"Jimmy's Winning Matches" by Rory Gallagher (right) became the anthem of Donegal's 2012 All Ireland victory.
Seamus McKinney

A DONEGAL musician behind the hit 2012 All Ireland GAA anthem 'Jimmy’s Winning Matches' has made a record breaking performance with an eight hour acoustic stint on Facebook.

Rory Gallagher’s song became the soundtrack of his native county’s march towards their second All-Ireland senior title.

And last weekend Gallagher, from Kilcar, set a world record when he performed non-stop for eight hours and nine seconds on Facebook Live.

The Donegal musician/songwriter, who was living in Lanzarote at the time, came to prominence when he posted a video of himself and friend 'Senegal Jimmy' singing his composition on a beach.

Gallagher’s song was originally titled 'Jimmy’s Selling Watches' but he adapted it for the 2012 All Ireland run.

The song, which paid homage to manager Jimmy McGuinness and the Donegal team, became a social media hit and was adopted by fans in Donegal and ex-pats across the globe.

Moments after hoisting the Sam Maguire Cup on the Hogan Stand team captain Michael Murphy broke into a chorus of the song at the end of his speech and was joined by thousands of ecstatic Donegal fans.

As the victorious Donegal men wound their way home, they were greeted by renditions of Gallagher’s song at every stop on the journey.

Now running a bar in Scotland with his wife Cara, Gallagher became the first solo acoustic artist to take up Facebook Live’s complete eight-hour allotted time last Saturday evening.

Watched on occasions by 50,000 people, the live stream is unlikely to be beaten as Facebook only allows for eight hours live streams. It was Gallagher's second bid for the record. An attempt in July failed because of wi-fi issues.

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