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Electoral Office apologises but says allegations against it are 'inaccurate and unfounded'

Chief electoral officer Virginia McVea

THE Electoral Office has apologised to people who were denied a vote due to administrative mistakes in the run up to December's election.

It follows reports that some members of the public received incorrect information about the deadline for registering to vote.

The Electoral Office has strongly refuted allegations broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show, saying the issues raised by the programme were "inaccurate and unfounded".

One woman has claimed she, her husband and her son were unable to vote because they were told the deadline to submit additional evidence for their registration was eight days earlier than what she was told.

Chief electoral officer Virginia McVea said her office had conducted a "thorough investigation" and conceded that mistakes were made "due to human error".

"Most importantly, we advised on a number of occasions that these made no material difference to the outcome of the election," she said.

"We have provided a full and detailed report to the secretary of state who considered the report and replied to this office. We have also updated local political parties."

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