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Former eurosceptic Labour MP Kate Hoey says she'll vote for the DUP

Former Labour MP Kate Hoey said she would be voting for the DUP

BREXIT-supporting, former Labour MP Kate Hoey has said she plans to vote for the DUP in next month's election.

The former Vauxhall MP, who was born in Mallusk, Co Antrim, has declined to say in which constituency she will cast her vote.

However, The Irish News understands that Ms Hoey owns a holiday home in the North Antrim constituency and if registered would likely vote for friend and eurosceptic ally Ian Paisley.

The Northern Ireland-born MP, who announced she was standing down as Labour’s candidate for Vauxhall in London earlier this year, told radio station LBC that she would be casting her vote in the north.

"I’m actually going to be voting in Northern Ireland and unfortunately the Labour Party is so anti-democratic in Northern Ireland that they allow people to join but they don’t put up candidates," she said.

"So I’ll be voting for a pro-union candidate in Northern Ireland."

When asked whether that meant she would be voting for the DUP, she said: “It will be DUP, yes where I’m likely to be voting.”

She added: "I’m pro-union. I would not dream of voting for Sinn Féin, I wouldn’t dream of voting for the SDLP and the Alliance Party is in hock with both."

When contacted yesterday by The Irish News, Ms Hoey declined to disclose where she would be voting.

"I will be voting for a genuine pro-union candidate obviously if I choose to vote in Northern Ireland," she said.

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