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Rev Peter McIntyre: I do not have a sectarian bone in my body

Rev Peter McIntyre is minister of Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church
Rev Peter McIntyre

I understand that the word “evil” has been focused upon in the Irish News comment, implying that my words have a sectarian intent.

Those who know me in the Clogher Valley community will acknowledge that I do not have a sectarian bone in my body.

I will die to defend the right of my Roman Catholic countrymen to worship God in all sincerity, according to their conscience.

The word evil must be appreciated in its true biblical context.

There is good and evil in this world. There is sin and holiness, justice and injustice, God and Satan.

There is no middle ground. There are no grey areas. Ultimately we are all evil, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, because all have sinned.

Therefore a Roman Catholic does not become evil because he practices his faith.

Evil resides in all of our hearts and is not the reserve of one section of our society. What is important is redemption from the evil within.

This is where I take gross exception to the Mass and in this sense I call the rite evil.

Christ is the one and only Holy Man who ever lived. He died once to pay the price for our salvation. He rose again and ascended to the right of God as our Great High Priest to intercede on our behalf.

Yet the Mass claims that He the Holy Son of God can take on the form of a wafer, the wafer becoming His substance, and that the wine can become His blood and that He is sacrificed every time Mass in celebrated.

It is the false theology of the Mass that is evil because it dishonours Christ who is our only Priest, sitting at the Father’s right hand.

Theology is either good or evil, pure or impure; there is is no middle ground. This is particulary so on the points of doctrine which concern the person of Christ and His redemption.

Yet, it is not only the Roman Catholic Church which entertains such flawed doctrines. Where Protestants trust their church attendance, their nominal religion or their good deeds for salvation, that too is evil.

Any system of belief which detracts from the one who is the only way, the only Saviour, is false and must be resisted.

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