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Northern Ireland news

The DUP through the eyes of political cartoonist Ian Knox

Ian Knox cartoon 14/6/17: Many onlookers expect the DUP/Tory deal will be used to whitewash the list of DUP financial scandals 
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The DUP's policies are providing rich pickings for satirists as the British public try to understand who the Conservative government is jumping into bed with.

Irish News political cartoonist has been drawing the DUP for decades. 

Ian Knox cartoon 13/6/17: The torrid love affair between the DUP and the Tories plus the temperamental nature of goatskin causes delay to the Queen's speech 

Ian Knox cartoon 10/6/17: After a disastrous result following a disastrous campaign, Theresa May calls on the Queen. Then she calls on Arlene Foster 

Ian Knox cartoon 3/6/17: Trump pulls the US out of the Paris climate change agreement. The DUP continues to cheerlead for Brexit 

Ian Knox cartoon 28/4/17: The DUP strive to put to sleep a recently awoken giant, while Sinn Fein determines to keep it awake 

Ian Knox cartoon 6/6/17: The second election of the year shapes up to be about border, Brexit and the big battalions 

Ian Knox cartoon 19/5/17: Outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions, Barra McGrory, insists he was not forced out of office over political pressure linked to controversial legacy investigations 

Ian Knox cartoon 25/4/17: UUP leader, Robin Swann echoes Michelle O'Neill's description of Arlene as "a bit arrogant" over her published expectation of a clear run in south Belfast 

Jim Wells' "Unionist town" tweet is quickly deleted but not quickly enough to avert controversy. Jeremy Corbyn is subjected to questioning over 30-year-old communications with IRA leaders.  Rathfriland Ian Knox cartoon 31/5/17

Ian Knox cartoon 20/5/17: The DUP comes under renewed pressure to reveal the source of the £282,000 they were given to fund the pro Brexit wrap around supplement to the Metro freesheet. Rumours of connections to the Saudi Arabian intelligence service inflame public curiosity but the DUP cites the N.Ireland non disclosure exemption clause and keeps schtum 

Ian Knox cartoon 5/3/17: From domineering leader to accident prone infant, Arlene's shrinkage accelerates 

Ian Knox cartoon 23/03/2017: Martin McGuinness's funeral is attended by ex-president Bill Clinton, Irish president Michael D Higgins, Arlene Foster, Peter Robinson and other Unionist leaders. Queen Elizabeth and ex-president Obama send messages of
condolence. Arlene Foster receives a spontaneous round of applause 

Ian Knox cartoon 25/02/17: The DUP confirms it received a Brexit donation of about £435,000 from a group of pro-union business people led by a Conservative party member 

Ian Knox cartoon 18/03/17: One layer of the RHI onion is revealed. 

Ian Knox cartoon 11/4/17: Any kind of structure or grouping that can attach the tile "Orange", or "Ulster Scots" to itself can, it would appear, draw down disproportionately large amounts of funding for itself from the Ministry for Communities 

Ian Knox cartoon 28/03/17: Talks hit the buffers with nothing agreed and nothing discussed 

Ian Knox's cartoon Tipping Point reflects on Martin McGuinness's resignation and the implications for Stormont 

Ian Knox cartoon 21/03/17: Theresa May plans consensus building visits to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before triggering Article 50 

Ian Knox on RHI: The previous day's verbal point scoring does nothing to mitigate the stench of massive corruption. Sinn Fein does not collapse the assembly but opts to press for a totally independent judge led inquiry  

 Finally it dawns on Unionists that Arlene's scaremongering and insults brought out more than her own supporters. Cartoon by Ian Knox.

Stormont collapses and an election is called for March 2. The DUP are desperate to deflect attention from their various financial scandals.  Ian Knox prints are available at shop.irishnews.com.

A day of farce, pantomime, circus, carry-on and tragedy at Stormont. What is there left for cartoonists when reality is like this? 

Arlene Foster's attempts to downplay and distance herself from the enormity of the RHI scandal add fuel to public anger and outrage 

 The more that the DUP and Tory brexiteers assert the impossibility of an imminent border poll the more they seem to "protest too much"

 Gerry Adams and Arlene Foster as James Bond and Moneypenny

Arlene Foster takes over as DUP leader 

 Peter Robinson tweets that "Arlene's nomination was submitted with the support of over 75 per cent of those entitled to vote in the electoral college"

A majority of Assembly members vote in favour of same sex marriage for the first time, but the motion fails due to a DUP petition of concern. Mike Nesbitt abstains.

The DUP's newest MLA is promoted to the post of junior minister exactly a month after taking her assembly seat 

Mick Wallace and Jamie Bryson make colourful allegations regarding the Nama scandal. The National Crime Agency becomes involved 

Standards and Privileges Committee reveals Iris Robinson committed a "serious breach" of the Assembly's code of conduct. Peter's status is not helped

Newly appointed Finance Minister, Arlene Foster, prepares to grasp the stalled Stormont House welfare reform nettle

The Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to legalise same-sex marriage in May 2015. Pressure is mounting on Northern Ireland to legislate. 

 Former DUP leader Peter Robinson

 The biggest mouth in Ireland? Roy Keane or ian Paisley


Northern Ireland news

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