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Nebuliser campaign in memory of Tiernan who suffered fatal asthma attack

Suzanne McGonagle
27 March, 2017 01:00

THE parents of a young Co Armagh man who made desperate attempts to save him as he suffered a fatal asthma attack have launched a campaign to get nebulisers installed in schools.

Donna and Stephen Green from Derrymacash, near Lurgan have already raised enough money for the life-saving devices to be installed into 25 schools.

It comes after the death of their beloved son Tiernan, who suffered an asthma attack at his home before going to bed on January 31. His parents came to his aid and despite desperate efforts, he passed away.

The couple has now revealed they have another son with the condition.

Mrs Green has described how her son's death, at just 20 years of age, left his family and friends devastated.

Described as a "true gentleman", he was a former pupil at St Paul's Junior High School and Southern Regional College, Armagh and a talented Gaelic footballer.

Mrs Green said they were determined to highlight the impact asthma has on peoples lives and the importance of taking medication by sharing their story.

"We are just so devastated, he was taken so quickly from us," she said.

"He went from standing outside our room and just 20 minutes later he was gone. We tried to bring him back, we tried so hard.

"At the start I said I'm sorry I witnessed what had happened to Tiernan, that it will haunt me for the rest of my days. But actually I'm glad I was with him.

"The way he went was just so cruel. But we know that when we brought him into world, we were the first people he saw and we know that we were the last people he saw."

Following their tragic loss and aware their younger son Ryan (7) also suffers from asthma, the family has launched a fundraising campaign to instal nebulisers in local schools.

"We have raised more than £2,000, which will allow us to put nebulisers in 25 schools, there will be two in each school," she said.

"I want them in each school to help others, children like my son Ryan who has asthma. He has his blue inhalers in school, but if one day they are not doing justice, then the nebuliser would be there - it works the same, but quicker.

"For me, knowing my son who has asthma would have access to these nebulisers would completely put me at ease, it's going to put other parents at ease too."

Mrs Green said since their son's death, they have been determined to highlight the importance of young people looking after their health.

"Whenever Tiernan passed away, Stephen and I knew said from the start that we wanted to get the message out there, especially to young people, those that are in their teens and a bit older, we want them to know they need to look after themselves more," she said.

"Some maybe aren't taking the right medication or need to look at their care plan. It's so important they keep on top of their asthma and the changes in their body. If we can save one life, it will help us."

Donations towards the nebuliser campaign can be made to George Emerson, co First Trust Bank, Lurgan - Account number: 09385018  Sort code: 938114

For further information visit

27 March, 2017 01:00 Northern Ireland news

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