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Belfast's Harlem Café serves up Donald Trump sandwich with ‘lots of baloney'

The Trump sandwich is available from the Harlem Café in Belfast priced at £9.50

A BELFAST café is offering a novelty sandwich named after US Presidential candidate Donald Trump and it comes complete with a 'small pickle' and 'lots of baloney'.

The Harlem Café on Bedford Street has been offering the 'Trump sandwich' for the past week, created as a lighter take on the hotly contested political rivalry.

The white bread sandwich, priced at £9.50, comes complete with 'Russian dressing', 'lots of baloney' and 'a small pickle' according to the menu and has already proved very popular with customers, who want to take a bite out of Trump.

It has also attracted largely positive attention stateside.

"Basically we put together a very,very filling sandwich, basically a steak sandwich, but we gave it the name the Trump sandwich," owner Faye McFarland explained.

"It's to catch people's eyes, it's to make people smile, it's just for people to see the lighter side of politics as opposed to taking it all so seriously."

"Forget the intensity that's going on at the moment just smile about it. And the little pickle? Well that was just to spice things up," she said.

And does the Belfast café have a Hillary Clinton sandwich in the pipeline?

The Trump sandwich includes a 'small pickle' and 'lots of boloney'

"You never know, watch this space. She's more on the dessert line though, as she's smoother and creamier," she joked.

Monday night marked the opening Presidential debate in the race for the White House. Americans go to the polls on November 8.

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