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Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson distances herself from DUP in tweet

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson in Belfast in August. File picture by Justin Kernoghan, Photopress

SCOTTISH Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has appeared to distance herself from the DUP by tweeting a link to a gay pride lecture she gave in Belfast last year.

Ms Davidson, whose partner Jen Wilson is a Catholic from Co Wexford, tweeted: "As a Protestant Unionist about to marry an Irish Catholic, here's the Amnesty Pride lecture I gave in Belfast...".

Ms Davidson and Ms Wilson, who are engaged and plan to marry soon, campaigned for a Yes vote in the Republic's gay marriage referendum in 2015.

The DUP are strongly opposed to same-sex marriage and has used the controversial petition of concern - which requires proposals to have a cross-community majority - to block legislation at Stormont five times.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK which has not changed its laws.

During her speech to Amnesty International's pride event in August, Ms Davidson, who described herself as a "practising Christian", spoke of the importance of equal marriage.

"I am a Protestant. I am a Unionist. I am Scottish and British," she said.

"I am engaged to a Catholic Irishwoman from County Wexford who was educated by nuns.

"For me, equal marriage isn't about one religion or county or community.

"It is about the people of Northern Ireland being afforded the same rights as everybody else."

Ms Davidson is among senior Tories being tipped to take over from Theresa May as party leader, after she secured their best general election results in Scotland since 1983.

General Election

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