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DUP members' wall of silence stands firm

Published 14/01/2014

Connla Young

Senior DUP politicians are still refusing to comment on controversial remarks made by former party leader Ian Paisley. in a BBC documentary screened last night, the former first minister admitted for the first time that discrimination by the old Stormont regime "wasn't acceptable".

Lord Bannside conceded that Catholics in the north had been subjected to "gerrymandering" and housing discrimination by unionists.

He also criticised members of the British army who gunned down 14 unarmed Catholic men on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972.

Last week The irish news contacted 14 DUP assembly members and MPs. only two responded to the queries. But both declined to comment.

When contacted yesterday outspoken east Derry MP Gregory Campbell was still declining to speak about his former party leader.

Several other former colleagues could not be contacted last night.

Last week first minister and DUP leader Peter Robinson challenged some of the claims made by his predecessor.

Lord Bannside is expected to launch a scathing attack on Mr Robinson when the second instalment of the two-part documentary is aired next week.