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No real change in north's Brexit voting pattern

Bimpe Archer
DESPITE three years of fierce debate over Brexit, there has been remarkably little change in the voting pattern when it comes to `Remain' and `Leave' in Northern Ireland.

Theresa May's future: what happens now?

Jennifer McKiernan, Press Association
Theresa May's deal has been pulled from the House of Commons timetable, despite her insistence it would be tabled this month and voted on in the first week of June.

Jim Gibney: Ireland's progressive new political future is unstoppable

Jim Gibney
IRELAND'S European elections, tomorrow and Friday, take place at a time of great uncertainty for the people of Europe, particularly for the people of Ireland facing the consequences of Brexit and for others the growth of right-wing parties, exploiting unpopular aspects of the EU and using these to promote racist fears.