Assembly Election

Memorable quotes from assembly election 2017

TUV leader Jim Allister at Stormont. Picture by Mal McCann
David Young

HERE is a collection of some of the more memorable quotes from Stormont's snap election campaign:

"If you feed a crocodile it will keep coming back for more." - DUP leader Arlene Foster on resisting Sinn Fein demands for an Irish Language Act.

"See you later alligator." - Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams' response.

"I will be transferring from my Ulster Unionist votes to the SDLP." - Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt pledging to support a nationalist candidate with his second preference vote.

"We are not going to try and convince people to vote beyond us." - SDLP leader Colum Eastwood declining to reciprocate Mr Nesbitt's pledge.

"I confirm that I will be advising my supporters to give their second preference vote to the only other unionist candidate standing in the constituency." UUP veteran Danny Kennedy, one of many party colleagues who refused to follow their leader's lead.

"The lothario of Northern Ireland politics." - Alliance leader Naomi Long claiming the UUP had a long history of courting other parties.

"If you vote for Mike, you will get Michelle, that's the reality." Mrs Foster claiming the UUP strategy would only benefit Sinn Fein northern leader Michelle O'Neill.

"People voted for you the last time and they got Martin McGuinness, and he wrote your resignation letter." Mr Nesbitt's comeback, noting how Mr McGuinness's resignation forced Mrs Foster from her job as first minister.

"Everybody has a right to remember their dead no matter who you are or what your political perspective is." Mrs O'Neill addressing a controversy around her attendance at a commemoration for four IRA men.

"We were delighted we were able to raise that amount of money." DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson after revealing that a little-known business group called the Constitutional Research Council bankrolled the party's £425,000 pro-Brexit campaign in the EU referendum.

"I've man flu." Mrs Foster at the DUP manifesto launch, where she cited ill health as the reason for not fielding media questions.

"There can be no return to the status quo." Mrs O'Neill's oft-repeated warning that change is needed before Sinn Fein returns to Stormont Castle.

"I wouldn't care what sort of situation I face as long as I'm out of Europe." DUP man Nelson McCausland in a debate on the potential impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.

"Devolution belongs to the people - it should not be removed because some parties are not capable of the challenge and the compromise of being in government." Colum Eastwood, making the case for a clear out at Stormont Castle.

"Drain the swamp." Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) leader Jim Allister borrowing a Donald Trump phrase to call for a major Stormont shake-up.

"We are the only party not expected to lose seats in this election." Green Party leader Steven Agnew.

"I am thinking Moy Park would be a good example." People Before Profit leader Eamonn McCann identifying the major poultry producer as one of the companies his party would like to nationalise.

"What about a wee bit of respect, Michelle?" Arlene Foster chiding Mrs O'Neill for interrupting her during a televised leaders' debate.

"What about some respect for the public, Arlene." Mrs O'Neill's retort.

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Assembly Election