Ombudsman probe after officer draws gun on man waving nail-studded plank

Police give chase after a man confronted a detective armed with plank of wood.

THE Police Ombudsman is investigating an incident in west Belfast on Sunday when a plain clothed PSNI officer drew his firearm at a man threatening him with a plank of wood.

Police officers had been conducting a search of a house in Glenbawn Avenue in Poleglass in relation to ongoing violence between two rival families.

During the search police say a man wearing a grey tracksuit and baseball cap confronted officers brandishing a plank of wood studded with nails.

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A plain clothed detective, who was part of the search team, drew his weapons and the man took off with a number of uniformed officers in pursuit.

The chase was captured by people on a mobile phone.

The man escaped into nearby wasteground and has not as yet been not been apprehended.

Footage shows the suspect still carrying the piece of wood being chased while residents looked on.

The man carrying a plank of wood makes off with uniform PSNI officers in pursuit.

As is normal procedure the PSNI has referred itself to the Police Ombudsman.

A PSNI spokesperson said: "Detectives at Musgrave CID, assisted by Tactical Support Group (TSG), conducted searches in west Belfast (on Sunday) under the Justice and Security Act.

"During the search of a property in the Glenbawn Avenue area, a male wielding a post studded with nails confronted an officer who subsequently drew his firearm. The attacker then made off on foot."

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