DUP provoke anger after accusing Irish government of `Brit-bashing' over Brexit

Sammy Wilson accused the Irish government of `Brit bashing' over Brexit
John Monaghan

DUP accusations that the Irish government is "interfering and Brit-bashing" over Brexit, were last night condemned.

MP Sammy Wilson called the Táinaiste Simon Coveney "belligerent" for dismissing technology as a border solution.

Mr Coveney said the idea of any infrastructure on the border was not workable.

"That means we're not talking about cameras and scanning systems and drones here. It means we're talking about about a political solution that allows for regulatory alignment in a way that prevents the need for border infrastructure," he said.

Mr Wilson accused Mr Coveney of trying to break up the UK.

"The fact is that the border issues can all be dealt with by technology but Coveney and co have stuck their heads in the sand, refusing to even consider this solution because it doesn't suit his aggressive republican agenda," he said.

"The IRA failed to dislodge Northern Ireland from the UK with bombs, Coveney won't do it with Brexit."

SDLP Brexit spokesperson Claire Hanna criticised Mr Wilson's comments.

"Another day, another episode of Sammy Wilson hurling crass, infantile insults to cover up for the fact that he is completely out of his depth and unable to articulate a way out of the Brexit disaster he helped create," she said.

"He completely fails to engage on the detail and is obsessed with trying to ascribe malign motive to Ireland, Brussels and anyone with reasonable questions.

"Knowing that a hard Brexit cannot be delivered without chaos the DUP are focused on deflecting the blame onto those who cautioned against it. Two years on and we have still yet to hear what these magical ‘technical solutions' are. I'd be very happy to debate in any public forum Sammy Wilson's proposed technical solutions."

UK cabinet tensions over Brexit erupted again, meanwhile, as Michael Gove said there were "significant question marks" over the customs partnership option favoured by the Prime Minister.

The remarks came after a plea by Theresa May for unity as she insisted she could be trusted to deliver the Brexit people voted for.

With the cabinet split over which of two customs models to back, environment secretary Mr Gove said neither option being considered was perfect.

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