Who is Dr Michael Watt?

Dr Michael Watt has been a practising neurologist for more than two decades

DR Michael Watt has been a practising neurologist for more than two decades.

He graduated from Queen's University Belfast in 1985, later becoming a neurologist in June 1996.

He was one of ten consultant neurologists working for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Dr Watt was also a consultant neurologist with the Ulster Independent Clinic and Hillsborough Private Clinic.

A spokeswoman for the Hillsborough clinic said Dr Watt had not worked there for two years.

She said any of his patients who contact the clinic will be redirected to a helpline set up by the Belfast Trust - 0800 980 1100

A spokesman for the Ulster Independent Clinic said Dr Watt had operated a private practice there but voluntarily suspended it in June.

"Late last evening we were made aware of the completion of the review, commissioned by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, undertaken by the Royal College of Physicians into Dr Watt’s clinical practice," he said.

"When this is made available to us we will immediately consider the report to fully understand the type and extent of the concerns raised.

"Having considered the implications of the report, we will decide the most appropriate course of action to follow."

He said Dr Watt's patients at the clinic can contact a dedicated helpline on 028 9068 6511 which will open at 9am today.

"We have already received a number of calls regarding this matter and will endeavour to contact everyone as soon as possible," he said.

"We would like to reassure all Dr Watt’s patients, potentially impacted by this issue, that we are moving as quickly as possible to address any concerns they may have.

"We will also continue to liaise closely with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust throughout this process to ensure appropriate sharing of information regarding Dr Watt’s patients."

One of Dr Watt's former patients, Conor Devine, last night described him as "an incredibly intuitive down to earth man".

"Calm, empathetic and professional," he tweeted.

Mr Devine last night posted on Twitter a photo of a letter he had received from the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust which invited him to attend an appointment to review his case.

"t's certainly not a letter any patient would want to receive, but looking forward to getting a better understanding of what is at the core of this," he tweeted.


Belfast Trust: 0800 980 1100

Ulster Independent Clinic: 028 9068 6511


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