Brexit impact on north's fishing industry to be investigated

A Westminster committee will investigate the impact of Brexit on the north's fishing industry. Picture by Tim Ireland, Press Association

THE impact of Brexit on the north's fisheries industry is to be examined by Westminster's Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

Commercial fishing is largely governed by the EU's common fisheries policy (CFP) which oversees the management of fisheries, funding and export tariffs.

However the government will stop adhering to the policy and the London Fisheries Convention, which established fishing rights in western Europe, after the UK leaves the EU.

The committee will investigate what approach is needed to draw up a new fisheries policy.

Committee Chair Andrew Murrison MP said it wanted to hear from people working in the fishing industry.

“There are real opportunities for growth but we must fully understand the complexities in order to secure the right arrangements for Northern Ireland principally but also to do the right thing by the Republic of Ireland as an enduring member of the EU,” he said.

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