Belfast travellers in limbo over Ryanair uncertainty

Julia Andrade Rocha is supposed to be flying to London to meet her sister on Sunday

UNCERTAINTY over Ryanair flight cancellations has left passengers due to fly out of Belfast in limbo about their travel plans.

Julia Andrade Rocha, a Brazilian American living in Northern Ireland, is supposed to be flying to London to meet her sister on Sunday, but has no idea whether the flight will go ahead.

After trying over the weekend to contact Ryanair , she finally got through online.

"At first the agent just copy pasted a generic message saying if my flight was cancelled I could get a refund," she said.

"When I explained the flight had not yet been cancelled she just kept saying the same thing. (I) got through to a new person and he basically said they're releasing a list on Wednesday and it might give details of flights for Sunday.

Full list of flights cancelled by Ryanair

" My sister is visiting me from the States and my worry if if I knew now I would just book a flight using Easyjet. But if I only find out later this week it'll be too expensive and we'll probably have to cancel the trip.

"She's only here for a week, so if they schedule our flight for a day or two after, it impacts our plans for the rest of the week.

"We already have a hotel booked for Dublin later in the week, but if they push out our travel to London we have to decide whether to lose the flight to London or lose the hotel in Dublin."

Karen Larmour has also been trying to find out what is happening with her parent's flight.

Mona (63) and Jackie (65) are due to fly out to Lanzarote on October 13, but have no idea whether their flight is one of those cancelled. The only other airline on that route leaves on a different day.

"My mum and dad need to pay hotel end of month but don't know what to do as if their flight will get cancelled," she said.

"They are just worried what will happen if flight is cancelled and they have paid for hotel what will happen?

"It's a worrying time. They just want to know one way or another if the flights are still going ahead."

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