DUP-Tory deal: How British newspapers reacted

Some of Tuesday's front pages in the British press on the deal between the DUP and the Conservatives
Brendan Hughes

THE deal between the DUP and the Conservatives faced criticism yesterday as it dominated the front pages of newspapers in Britain.

The London Evening Standard, whose editor is former Tory chancellor George Osborne, pictured DUP leader Arlene Foster and prime minister Theresa May as Dr Evil and Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies.

Its front page featured a speech-bubble headline showing Mrs Foster saying, "I demand the sum of one billion pounds" - a reference to familiar quote from the comedy film franchise.

The London version of the Daily Mirror accused the British prime minster of "blowing taxpayers' money" with a "£1bn bribe to crackpots" to keep herself in power.

Its editorial concluded it "cements her place in history as the worst prime minister", while its front-page branded a photo of her with Mrs Foster a "handshake of shame".

The Daily Telegraph said the money heading to Northern Ireland could be "just the start", saying that the DUP has already hinted they will ask for more when the deal is renewed in two years' time.

In its editorial, the Financial Times described the deal as "squalid" and said Mrs May is now a prime minister "held to ransom by the DUP".

However, it added that she has come up with "the least worst option to stay in power".

The i's headline read, "Thanks a billion," referring to the financial benefits for Northern Ireland as part of the DUP's agreement to support a minority Conservative government.

In Scotland, the Scotsman's headline was "£100 million per vote: The price of power" – in reference to the DUP having 10 seats at Westminster.

The National turned its attention to criticising newly elected Scottish Conservative MPs, claiming they "refuse to fight Scotland's corner for equivalent funding".

In Wales, the Western Mail led with first minister Carwyn Jones branding the DUP deal "a straight bung".


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