Twitter derides DUP as Theresa May and Arlene Foster forge alliance

The Evening Standard's cartoon highlighting the new relationship between the Conservatives and the DUP

Given how dear the DUP holds the union with Britain, relatively few people in the rest of the UK are familiar with the party and its policies. As it became apparent yesterday that Theresa May planned to form a government with Arlene Foster's party, social media was filled with contributors offering insights into Westminster's 'kingmakers'.

Notably, in the relatively liberal social climate of England, Scotland and Wales, the DUP's conservative world view was highlighted in mostly pejorative terms.

Here's a sample...

Singer Paloma Faith? tweeted: "DUP = awful : anti abortion anti LGBT rights anti women's rights and don't believe in climate change. Very modern (sniff)".

Left-leaning economist Richard Murphy, who has previously been vocal in his opposition to devolving corporation tax powers to Stormont, said on Twitter: "If I had to choose a party to have undue influence over government the DUP would be the last barring UKIP. They're a nightmare of prejudice."

Environmentalist and Guardian columnist GeorgeMonbiot? highlighted the links between the DUP and the UDA, which just days ago added its voice to the Loyalist Communities Council statement urging voters to back Mrs Foster's party at the polls.

"I trust that the Daily Mail will now devote its first 13 pages to the #DUP's associations with terrorism," he tweeted.

Veteran journalist and Channel 4 News anchorman Jon Snow tweeted: "One of the most extreme political entities in the British Isles, the 10 MPs of the DUP, is to wag the tail of Mrs May's minority government."

Former Liverpool footballer Stan Collymore posted an article from The Irish News which bore the headline 'Arlene Foster has no regrets after being pictured with UDA commander (Dee Stitt). Under it the Talksport contributor called wrote: "Come on Dacre and Murdoch and Hopkins and Robinson and Tories. Where's your outrage now?"

Belfast-born former ITN foreign correspondent Andrea Catherwood? tweeted: "Wait until you hear DUP's views on homosexuality. They make Tim Farron look like Peter Thatchell."

Some, however, such as Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee? misinterpreted the DUP's priorities.

"DUP top priority will be soft border, saving Good Friday agreement and free movement across boundary. That absolutely rules out hard Brexit," she tweeted.


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