Video: Cartoonist Ian Knox on drawing Martin McGuinness

Ian Knox's cartoon Tipping Point reflects on Martin McGuinness's resignation and the implications for Stormont 

Martin McGuinness has resigned from electoral politics marking the end of an era for political cartoonist Ian Knox who spent years sketching the former deputy first minister. 

Mr Knox talks about how he often drew the Sinn Féin veteran with "arms folded, looking on almost bemusedly at what others are saying." 

"I think we all feel an element of shock, possibly even in east Belfast, that this pillar of continuity is suddenly not there," Mr Knox said. 

Mr Knox added that Mr McGuinness has always seemed "more reflective" and "more good-natured" than the majority of politicans in Northern Ireland.

"Which is quite ironical since he's very proud of his past when he was a man of action." 

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