Latest viewing figures for new series of The Fall reveal significant fall in ratings

The Fall starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Pitcure by Des Willie

CRIME drama The Fall has suffered a significant fall in ratings with frustrated fans giving up on a slow-moving plotline.

Viewing figures for the second episode of the psychological thriller, set and filmed in Belfast, slumped by a quarter.

Many people took to social media to vent their frustration at the drama, with some even predicting that viewers would not tune in to watch next week's episode.

The return of the hugely anticipated drama on BBC 2, starring Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, last week drew in 2.5 million viewers - a 12.5 per cent share of the viewing figures.

However, figures released by the BBC on Friday revealed that the number of viewers for the second episode had fallen significantly.

A spokeswoman said: "The first episode was 2.5 million and then 1.8 million for episode two. These figures are the overnight figures so do not include any time shifted or iPlayer viewing".

The series launch in 2013 pulled in 3.5 million viewers for its first episode, followed by 2.5 million for the second series.

Last year's series opened with an average audience of 3.5 million and 15.4 per cent share, making it the highest drama series launch on BBC in 15 years.

But it appears the third series has left viewers unimpressed.

Many likened the first episode last week to the medical drama Casualty with many complaining about the bloody scenes involving attempts to save serial killer Paul Spector's life.

While the second episode on Thursday night saw Dornan's character regain consciousness and Anderson's character Stella Gibson face scrutiny by policing authorities, many viewers still vented their frustrations at the slowness of the drama.

Co Down actor Jamie Dornan stars as Paul Spector in the BBC 2 crime drama, The Fall. Picture by Helen Sloan

Some viewers said they would be switching off if something major did not happen in the next episode, while others commented it would need a major plot development to convince them to watch the rest of the series.

One Twitter user wrote: "The Fall needs to do something useful soon otherwise it's getting switched off #veryslow".

Another viewer said: "For all fans of the idiotic first episode of Season 3 of The Fall, rest assured that Episode 2 is even more idiotic".

Another added: "So, hopefully episode two of The Fall isn't just another hour of watching a man die in a hospital bed".


Meanwhile, Dornan's father made a cameo appearance in the second episode of The Fall.

Unbeknown to his son, Professor Jim Dornan was approached by the show's writer and producer Allan Cubitt to appear on the show.

Professor Dornan appeared as Policing Board member John Porter who quizzed John Lynch's assistant chief constable character over the ongoing case of the Belfast Strangler.

Although the retired obstetrician and gynaecologist only had one line in the episode, "Can the assistant chief constable please provide us with an update on the progress of the Operation Music Man task force?".

The Fall continues on October 13 on BBC2 at 9pm.

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