PSNI urged to state position on Bloody Sunday prosecutions

Bloody Sunday relative, John Kelly. Picture: Margaret McLaughlin.
Seamus McKinney

THE Bloody Sunday families have called on police to state whether or not they intend recommending that the soldiers responsible for the 1972 killings are prosecuted.

Police have confirmed they have now finished interviewing former British soldiers as part of their Bloody Sunday murder investigation.

The PSNI will now complete a report for the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) which will take a decision on whether or not the former soldiers should be brought before the courts.

But John Kelly, whose brother Michael (17) was shot dead on Bloody Sunday, said investigating officers should indicate what their position is based on the evidence they have gathered.

"We were told this investigation would take four years and that is nearly up. The families are frustrated at the length of time this is taking," he said.

"We were told that this had to be done right so we are taking that at face value but if all the evidence is now gathered, the police should say whether or not they will be recommending that the former soldiers be prosecuted in their report to the PPS."

The Derry man said families were also annoyed that the PSNI investigating team had not briefed them about latest developments.

"We were told at the start that we would be kept in the loop but we had to learn from the press that the interviews with soldiers were over. That is not acceptable," he said.


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