Pokemon Go: Appeal for awareness after man jumps in front of traffic in Co Down

Pokemon Go has proved hugely popular since it was officially launched in the UK on Thursday, rising to the top of the free download charts

THE makers of Pokemon Go have appealed for users to "be aware of their surroundings" after a man reportedly jumped out in front of traffic in Co Down while playing the game.

Pokémon Company International and Niantic Inc also urged gamers to "always play safely" after the PSNI revealed a man is believed to have jumped onto the busy A2 at Holywood as he played the new gaming phenomenon.

In a post on its Facebook page yesterday, PSNI Ards wrote: "Already this morning we had a reports of a male jumping out in front of traffic on the A2, Holywood. Can you guess why?

"I don't care how rare the Pokemon is, it's not worth your life. Pikachu would be ashamed!!"

The makers of the new game, Pokémon Company International and Niantic Inc, appealed for users to exercise care when playing the game.

"It is our intention that everyone playing will do so in a safe and aware manner, which is why we remind all players when they open the app that they should always play safely and be aware of their surroundings," he said.

Pokemon Go, whose popularity has taken the gaming world by storm, was officially launched in the UK last week.

The app challenges players armed with their smartphones to roam the real world in search of cartoon monsters to capture and train for battles.

But yesterday's incident near Holywood is the latest in a growing number linked to the Nintendo game with reports of young people stealing a boat in England and headstones being knocked over in graveyards.

There have also been reports of people falling off cliffs and others being lured to be robbed at gunpoint as they search for Pokemon.

When asked last night if the makers had any remarks to make in relation to why the characters were appearing on busy routes such as the A2 in Co Down, the spokesman declined to comment.

"Unfortunately there is no comment on how it is decided where the Pokemon will appear," he said.

But he added: "PokéStops and Gyms in Pokemon GO are found at publicly accessible places such as historical markers, public art installations, museums and monuments.

"If you want to report inappropriate locations or content, please submit a ticket on the Pokémon GO support website."


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