'IRA' threatens to carry out attacks in Easter statement

The 'IRA' has threatened to carry out attacks on the security forces in an Easter statement
Connla Young

The republican paramilitary group known as the ‘IRA’ has threatened to carry out fresh attacks on the security forces.

In an Easter statement signed by its ‘Army Council’ the group said it will continue to carry out attacks and warned prison officers may also be targeted.

The threat comes weeks after prison officer Adrian Ismay died after an ‘IRA’ bomb exploded under his van in east Belfast.

The group defended its current campaign.

"The men and women of Easter 1916 were revolutionary activists engaging a foreign oppressor and asserted their right to national sovereignty via legitimate armed action," it said.

"A century on and the IRA armed actions against Britain and her agents are as legitimate as they were in 1916."

The organisation said it will continue to mount more attacks in future.

"As we look to the future Britain is stuck in their colonial past," it said.

"While their occupation, the accompanying denial of national self determination and partition remain the IRA will continue to target any and all of those who assist in those injustices."

The group said the 1916 Rising was "the continuation of an unfinished armed revolution that began in 1798."

"The volunteer soldiers of the IRA are ready and determined to take the war to the age old enemy of our nation," it said.

"This will remain so until the revolution comes to its certain conclusion, the establishment of a 32 county socialist republic."

In its statement the group extended "solidarity" to republican inmates and said "the IRA will not leave our prisoners at the mercy of Britain and will take further action as we see fit."

SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly condemned the statement.

"This statement is an insult to the memory of men and women of 1916 who laid down their arms at the GPO," she said.

"Pearse gave the order to surrender so no further Irishmen would be killed.

"They were concerned for the well being of all Irishmen, Catholic, Protestant and dissenter.

"The Good Friday Agreement means the issue of Irish sovereignty is something the Irish people can vote on."


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