Sherlock's Moriarty becomes new Bond villain

Irish actor Andrew Scott, who plays Max Denbigh in latest James Bond film Spectre

THE first trailer for the new Bond movie has revealed Irish actor Andrew Scott is to star in the film.

Scott, who won a Bafta for his role as Sherlock's nemesis Moriarty, is a villain in the upcoming movie Spectre.

The first full trailer of the upcoming Bond movie was unveiled yesterday and includes the first glimpse of the Dublin actor.

His Spectre character is Max Denbigh, cited as the new head of the Centre for National Security.

According to a short synopsis of the plot, he "questions Bond's actions and challenges the relevance of MI6".

Scott's appearance in the trailer is limited to two blink-and-you'll-miss-them scenes.

The new trailer footage shows two short glimpses of him - one in a fight scene with Ralph Fiennes' character, M, and the other of him starting menacingly at the screen.

The dramatic trailer sees Bond, played by Daniel Craig asking MI6's Q (Ben Whishaw) to "disappear", while Bond also comes to realisation that he is the link between the components of the sinister operation Spectre.

Starting out his career at Dublin's Abbey Theatre after dropping out of Trinity College, one of Scott's first movie appearances was a small part in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.

Fans of the BBC popular television series Sherlock fans set Twitter ablaze after catching the first glimpse of Irish actor in the new Bond trailer.

Scott had referenced his Spectre role earlier in July, in a recorded message for Sherlock fans at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Explaining why he could not attend the convention, he help up a piece of paper that read Spekter 007 Script (Top Secret).

He said he was doing "this little film", which was why he could not be at Comic-Con.

Fan reactions on Twitter to his Bond debut ranged from "Oh my goodness" to a fan called Amy who wrote "No but seriously, look at him".

"Even just the quick flash of evil looking Andrew Scott is enough for me! £Spectre," tweeted Kelly Alyse.

Spectre will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on October 26.


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