11 interesting stats from Apple and Microsoft's financial results

IT’S been a day of mixed fortunes in the technology world as Apple and Microsoft reported their latest round of quarterly earnings. In among all the dollar signs and percentage points were some interesting numbers, but the biggest story is the lack of numbers for a certain smartwatch...

Zero official Apple watch numbers

Still Tim Cook and co are making us guess on just how successful their first wearable has actually been. While we get the full sales numbers for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, the Apple Watch is yet to get such a treatment. However, there are some clues beginning to emerge.

Apple Watch listed in ‘Other Products’ – the category grows by $1bn

Alongside Apple TV, Beats Electronics, iPod and other Apple-branded products is where you’ll find the Watch on the balance sheet. But interestingly, this is the first time the Watch has been included in that category, and it’s grown by around $1bn since the last quarter.

Now, it would be a guess to suggest the Watch accounts for ALL of that billion, but the smart money would be on it being not far off.

Revenue is pretty good – $49.6bn

That’s a record for the third quarter of a financial year for Apple, which is some going for a company that is making a habit of breaking financial records at the moment.

Apple Profit is $10bn

Again, nothing to sniff at, and $3bn more than the same quarter last year.

47 million iPhones sold, and 10.9 million iPads

Still crazy numbers in terms of phones – though slightly lower than analyst predictions. There’s a new iPhone due in September as well you know.

Apple Revenue in China doubled on last year

Apple has been making a conscious and very public effort to drive sales in China – with notable video montages at recent events showing store openings in the Asian market. It’s clearly paying off as sales in China were by up 112%.

However, things weren’t quite as smooth over at rivals Microsoft.

Microsoft loss is $2bn

Ouch, not a good number however you put it, but the firm was right to point out that this was down to the $7bn purchase of Nokia among other things.

Revenue is $22.2bn

A good, healthy number for the firm ahead of the much anticipated launch of Windows 10 next week, which should bring in new revenue as customers return to the firm’s products.

Surface revenue is also up – by 17% to $888m

A great figure when put alongside the fact that the iPad’s numbers are falling. There is still some way to go to catch up, but Microsoft has the tablet momentum right now.

Devices and consumer revenue down by 13%

With emphasis in 2015 on Windows 10 and creating a platform on which Microsoft wants to run everything, it isn’t much of surprise to see hardware revenue falling.

Xbox revenue climbs up 27%

But one area it’s on the up is their games console. The Xbox had a slow start against Sony’s PlayStation when they launched in 2013, but it’s making up ground fast and has been out-selling it in recent months too.


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