Derry drug teenagers took muscle relaxant

Seamus McKinney

FOUR Derry teenagers who overdosed on prescription drugs would have died if they had not been found, a councillor said last night.

It is believed the boys overdosed on a muscle relaxant drug normally used by Muscular Sclerosis suffers.

The four boys, aged 14 and 15, were found in a semi-conscious state in Derry's Galliagh area on Wednesday evening.

Derry independent councillor Dermot 'Dee' Quigley said the mother of one of the boys was told they would have died had they not been found.

Mr Quigley said the four teenagers had all now stabilised and were recovering well. The councillor, who has been in contact with two of the teenagers' families, also revealed they had taken a muscle relaxant used to treat people with Muscular Sclerosis.

He said the boys were found by friends. Mr Quigley, an active anti-drugs campaigner in Derry, urged young people not to take drugs which were not prescribed for them.

Mr Quigley said: “I would urge everyone to ensure that all drugs are kept safely locked away. This incident shows that even teenagers can be curious and but for the quick actions of their friends we could have been looking at a major tragedy.

“I think we should also praise the responsible attitude of theses teenagers' friends for the way they responded to this crisis.”

The councillor said young people should also be educated about the dangers of taking prescription drugs.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident. A PSNI spokesman warned that drugs or medication taken without medical advice could be harmful.


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