Iwas kicked in street says Alliance's Anna Lo

THE ALLIANCE Party's Anna Lo has revealed that she was kicked in the street during a racist attack after first arriving in Northern Ireland 40 years ago.

The party's Euro candidate, who had arrived in Belfast in 1974 with her then husband who was from the north, told of how living here four decades she experienced "overt and not overt racism".

But despite initially promising to stay six months she said she loved Northern Ireland and its people and decided to make it her home.

Speaking on BBC yesterday Ms Lo said: "Since I first arrived, I have suffered for 40 years overt or not overt racism.

"I remember when I first arrived here, I worked for the BBC.

One evening, going home from work, on Bedford Street, going for my bus, I was kicked on the street. That was way back, a long, long time ago." She added: "I certainly in the last two years since the flag protests received numerous personal threats, property damaged, also, a bullet was sent, a bullet with a picture of me was sent to a Sunday newspaper just last year so I am used to it unfortunately." Ms Lo described a recent upsurge in racially-motivated attacks around Northern Ireland was "very concerning". "As the chair of the environment committee, I have called for the police to come next week to our meeting to talk to us about the new taskforce on tackling this issue," she said.

Marie Louise McCrory


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