Gillen plays Haughey in TV series

Marie Louise McCrory

Award-winning actor aidan gillen has taken on a new role as one of ireland's most controversial politicians, Charles J Haughey.

The dubliner, best known for US crime series The Wire, fantasy hit Game of Thrones and rTE drama Love/Hate, will play the central character in the TV series Citizen Charlie. rTE has reportedly set aside a budget of E 3.7 million (£3.2m) for the three-part drama which will depict the "emergence of modern ire-land through the mesmeric figure of Charles J Haughey and his pursuit of power, wealth and glamour". a source said: "rTE require an exceptional actor to play Haughey but also someone who would be known in both the UK and america." gillen (45), an accomplished stage and screen actor who has won two irish Film & Television awards, is said to be almost unrecognisable while playing Haughey.

The source described his portrayal as "chilling" and said the "hair and make-up was perfect to make aidan look like Charlie Haughey in the sixties". regarded as the dominant irish politician of his generation, Haughey was first elected to the dail in 1957.

during his long career, which was touched by several scandals, he served three terms as taoiseach.

Jane gogan, rTE's commissioning editor for drama, said: "Charles J Haughey is a figure in irish life on which everyone has a point of view but this drama will be as much about ireland as it is about one man."

n versatiLe: Above, Aidan Gillen as Lord Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish in Game of Thrones.

Inset, Charles Haughey


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