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Fortnite has honoured a spectacular failed rescue mission with a tombstone

See how a player's attempt to save a competitor went horribly wrong…


A rescue mission that went horribly wrong on Fortnite has been honoured by the game’s developers.

Last week, a video of player Muselk’s attempt to help another gamer went viral across social media after it was shared by Fortnite developers.

The video shows Muselk tirelessly building a safe way down to Chaperdoodle who was trapped at the bottom of a cliff – a heroic act considering the aim of Fortnite: Battle Royale is to be the last person standing, not assist other players.

Chaperdoodle had run out of material to build his own way up, so in comes Muselk.

But there’s a problem – there’s a limit to how far off the map you can build structures, and as this incident is right on the edge of the map, Muselk is blocked from building the whole way down.

That doesn’t stop him though. Muselk grabs his all-terrain golf kart at the top of the cliff – that way he can carefully get down and help the stranded player once and for all.

But sadly, Muselk’s attempts are all in vain, as he accidentally slips off the edge of the cliff and lands right on Chaperdoodle, killing Chaperdoodle instantly.

To honour the valiant rescue mission, Fortnite devlopers have erected a tombstone in the spot of the incident, as well as some tyres to help any future victims bounce their way back up onto safer land.

Go check the tombstone out for yourself – although you may not make it back up alive.

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