New motion-tracking fitness app turns your phone into a virtual personal trainer

Perfect Squat Challenge uses AI-powered motion tracking to analyse user movements and help them move correctly during exercise.

A new fitness app has launched which uses motion-tracking technology to help users achieve the “perfect” squat.

Perfect Squat Challenge has been released as a free app for the iPhone and uses motion-tracking technology and artificial intelligence via the phone’s camera system to track 16 key points on the body as a user moves during exercise.

The app asks users to set their phone up in an upright position around 7ft from their body, with the app then able to compare movements with the metrics of a predefined perfect squat pose and give users feedback on how their efforts compare.

The audio feedback is designed to mimic the responses of a personal trainer, which developers say recreates the skills of having a professional trainer alongside users in their homes.

It has been developed by digital therapy company Kaia Health, and the head of its AI lab Maximilian Strobel said it gives people the chance to have their own virtual personal trainer at home.

“Breakthroughs in AI-powered motion-tracking and correction technology means that everyone now has access to a virtual personal trainer and physiotherapist on their iPhone – and can perfect exercises such as the squat,” he said.

(Kaia Health)
(Kaia Health)

“In the future, this technology will integrate within our medical device apps for diseases and conditions such as back pain, creating a scalable, cost-effective therapeutic tool. This democratises access to high-quality, bespoke fitness, rehabilitation and physiotherapy – and could reduce the burden on health services.”

The digital firm has said it hopes the app will be the first step for its motion-tracking technology, which it wants to expand to a range of other exercises and physiotherapies in the future.

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