Want to see what Twitter feed would have looked like 10 years ago? Here's how…

Take a trip down the memory lane of your timeline.

These days Twitter is all about enticing Moments, story-telling threads and an unending stream of memes but 10 years ago it was a completely different scene.

Those scrolling through their feed in 2008 would have have come across mostly controversy-free life updates, along with tidbits from early adopters of the social media site.

And if you are keen to reminisce how things were like back then, Andy Baio, the former chief technology officer for Kickstarter, has an easy hack that will take you down the memory lane.

Basically, it involves a simple search code (filter:follows until:2008-05-25 -filter:repliesfilter:follows until:2008-05-25 -filter:replies), which can take you back to any year in the site’s history, showing tweets from the accounts you follow from that time.

While Baio’s link takes you back to May 25, 2008, you can change the dates to suit your needs.

Those on their mobile will have to filter by “latest” to make sure the timeline is working properly.

Baio also shared a link to show what Twitter would have looked like five years ago.

Since his tweet on May 24, people have been sharing screenshots of their timelines from bygone days.

There was also a reminder the retweet button didn’t exist 10 years ago…

Simpler times.

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