Someone built a Lego breakfast machine that can make you bacon and eggs

YouTuber The Brick Wall built the system as a present for their Dad.

A YouTuber has built a breakfast-making machine from Lego pieces, in honour of their father who makes breakfast every weekend.

YouTube user The Brick Wall created an elaborate system for their kitchen that is able to pick up bacon and eggs before frying them, posting a video of the process to their Lego-obsessed YouTube channel.

In the video’s description, The Brick Walls says: “My father cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday – it is 104 times a year! He deserved this present.”

According to The Brick Wall’s replies to comments on the video, it took almost a week to perfect the mechanism for cracking the eggs.

The YouTuber – as their channel suggests – has plenty of previous experience building elaborate Lego-based designs, including a Lego Rumba which can hoover up and collect Lego pieces left on the floor.

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