Snapchat's newest feature is here, but users aren't sure if it's cool or creepy

Users can see where friends are and hotspots of activity – like Glastonbury.


Snapchat has released a maps feature to help users see where friends and family are located – and it’s lighting up social media.

In the latest update, available to download now, users can zoom out of their camera by pinching the screen to bring up a map, showing their friends in Bitmoji form on screen.

Users’ locations will be shown every time they have the app open on their phone, unless they change their settings to Ghost Mode.

Users discovering the update have taken to Twitter to give their verdict.

Some are finding it exciting and new…

…others, slightly creepy.

The map allows users to zoom in on cities and see exactly where people are.

The really new element of Snap Map, though, is that it shows snaps uploaded to the ‘Our Story’ feature, which is basically a way to share snaps with the world.

The more snaps coming from a location, the bigger and redder the heatmap which appears on Snap Map.

And you can click on snaps anywhere around the globe.

This not only allows users to see concerts and tourist spots around the world from another Snapchatter’s perspectives, but it could be a useful tool for breaking news stories.

Just how users will make the most of the app, only time will tell, but people seem to be enjoying the novelty right now.



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