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Here's what technology looked like when Windows XP was first introduced

Windows XP was introduced in 2001.

As the NHS continues to recover from an international cyber attack, it emerged that some devices within the health service still use the old operating system Windows XP.

NHS Digital confirmed fewer than 5% of devices use Windows XP, the system that was rolled out back in 2001.

Here’s a look back at what technology looked like when the system was first introduced:

Mobile phones

Phones were either of the brick or flip variety.

They were used for the basic primary function of calling, texting and playing simple games.

Dial-up internet

This was a time where users wishing to connect to the internet had to be seriously patient and wait for the dial-up.

Using the landline at the same time was out of the question.

Music devices

The first generation iPod was released with the tagline “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

It had 5GB storage and featured a mechanical scroll wheel.

Video games and consoles

2001 was a big year for console releases, with the Game Boy Advance, the Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube all coming onto the gaming scene.

Newly released games included Burnout and Halo: Combat Evolved, the first in the franchise.


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