HTC teases its rumoured squeezable phone in new video ad

The tech giant is launching its next flagship on May 16.

HTC is set to unveil its new flagship phone in around two weeks’ time, with a unique take on how to interact with the device at its centre – a frame you squeeze.

The Taiwanese firm has already made references to the “squeezable” phone in its marketing around the launch, and now a new video ad has hammered home that message.

While as an idea it sounds slightly outlandish, the concept of an interactive and squeezable frame on a smartphone isn’t completely new – a Japanese mobile carrier created a concept in a similar mould several years ago where touch sensors on the edge of the device could be used to open apps and perform searches.

HTC’s next flagship may well offer similar levels of interaction judging by the teasers we’ve seen so far, and leaked footage from the beginning of the year that appeared to show an unnamed HTC device being squeezed as a way of opening an app launcher menu.

What else the phone giant has planned for the device remains unknown, but we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out – HTC will unveil the device at a live show on May 16 – in the meantime, expect to see plenty more references to just how “squeezable” the phone will be.

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