People are pretty relaxed about the Doomsday clock now being at two minutes to midnight

“It may be two minutes to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, but it's five o'clock somewhere.”

News that the Doomsday Clock is now at two minutes to midnight hasn’t seemed to worry people online, despite this being the closest we’ve been to midnight in 65 years.

The clock serves as an indicator of how near experts from The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists deem us to be to a nuclear catastrophe.

Our position on the clock is reviewed annually, and this year it was moved forward by 30 seconds.

And no, it’s not an actual clock, but a symbol for how that particular panel of experts feels about the nuclear climate.

Some saw the upside to the rather depressing news.

The last time the clock was this close to midnight was 1953 – the year that Stalin died and when the Cold War is widely agreed to have begun.

Drinking to celebrate the news seemed like a good idea to some people.

Others said the time change had thrown a spanner in the works for their life plans.

Some were sick of the threats, and wanted the nuclear apocalypse to just hurry up and strike already.

Others identified with the Doomsday Clock a little too well.

This probably isn’t the reaction the scientists had in mind when telling us how close the human race was to nuclear Armageddon.

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