‘Missing' BBC DJ Greg James asks fans to find out who ‘captured' him

James failed to show for his regular Breakfast Show slot after attending the Brit Awards.

BBC DJ Greg James has asked fans to help him discover who “captured” him from the Brit Awards after he missed his Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

The presenter was dubbed a “dirty little no-show” after failing to turn up for his regular slot on Wednesday, with Adele Roberts forced to step in to replace him.

Fans first speculated James had overindulged at the Brits and slept in, missing the start of his 6.30am show.

However, it now appears his absence was part of an elaborate ruse and James has tasked fans with finding out who was behind his “capture”.

He tweeted a video from a bare white room, explaining he was bundled into a car following a Brits after party and driven “an hour or so away” to an unknown location.

James said he was still in the same clothes from the night before, and was told he was being taken to “the boss’s place”.

“I’m as in the dark as you are in all this,” he added. But observant fans were quick to point out what appeared to be a hole in his story – the door of the room he was “trapped” in was padlocked from the inside.

Continuing the game, James shared a second video showing him discovering a coded letter hidden inside a table. He invited fans to decipher the puzzle.

James’s “disappearance” featured on The One Show. Hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones opened Wednesday’s programme saying there had been “pandemonium” at the BBC before running through the “clues,” including the coded letter.

James sent The One Show a video message, again claiming to have been captured. He said the latest clue was a red scarf used in his disappearance.

DJ Sara Cox appeared on the show to deny being involved, while Baker said it was not him.

James’s “disappearance” was also referenced during Billie Eilish’s appearance on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 show, with the DJ quizzing the pop star over her whereabouts when he “vanished”.

Viewers of The One Show were told to keep listening to Radio 1 to find out more on James.

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