Love Island fans want Shaughna and Luke M to get together

Viewers think the pair could win the show if they coupled up.

Love Island fans are desperate for Shaughna Phillips and Luke Mabbott to couple up after both were ditched by their partners.

Shaughna was left single after Callum Jones had his head turned by new girl Molly Smith at Casa Amor.

And Luke M found himself alone after Natalia Zoppa decided that she wasn’t attracted to him after all.

“I don’t feel any sexual chemistry whatsoever,” she confessed to the other girls.

Viewers now think Shaughna and Luke M would have a shot at winning the ITV2 show if they got together.

“Plot twist: Luke M and Shaughna to get together and win the series!!” said one person on Twitter.

“Luke M and Shaughna need to pair up, win the £50k and flip the bird to the users and haters,” suggested another.

One fan posted: “Cue all the new lads coming into the villa, saying ‘Shaughna’s their type’ to get their ticket to the final to win.

“I hope she see’s through this and couples up with Luke M.”

Referring to to the fact that Luke M has been mistaken for pop star Justin Bieber in the past, another fan tweeted: “Luke Bieber best be singing Baby over in Shaughna’s direction next episode otherwise I might stop watching.”

Some fans went a step further and suggested the pair would make “beautiful babies” if they ended up as a real couple.

“Luke M and Shaughna need to couple up, they would have beautiful belieber lookalike babies!” gushed one.

“Luke you are actually a sweetheart.

“Shaughna and him should get together and have lots of beautiful babies,” said another.

Love Island airs on ITV2 and in Ireland on Virgin Media Television.

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