Flintoff reveals why he won't be watching Top Gear at Christmas with the family

The sporting star said he was too embarrassed to watch himself on TV.

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff’s family will be sitting down to watch the Top Gear Christmas special – but he will not be joining them.

The former cricketer, 42, told the PA news agency that he finds it too embarrassing to watch anything he does for TV with his wife Rachael Wools Flintoff and their three children.

Alongside his Top Gear co-presenters Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris, the sportsman travelled to Nepal to film a festive feature for the BBC Two motoring show.

Top Gear Christmas Special 2019
Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris in Nepal for the Top Gear Christmas special 2019 (Lee Brimble/PA)

He also said his youngest child might be worried by the episode, which sees the trio navigating perilous mountain roads in city cars.

He said: “My kids have seen me in all sorts. From drag to Chippendales to all sorts. I struggle watching anything I do with the family. Just because it’s a bit embarrassing.

“The kids will watch it and the family will watch it. Whether they will watch it together, I’m not sure. But the younger ones especially, I think they would be a bit worried. It’s hard to explain.”

He also said it took one of his children two days to check he was okay after he crashed a three-wheeled cycle-car at York’s Elvington Airfield.

Top Gear
The Top Gear hosts with a McLaren 600LT (Ian West/PA)

Flintoff overshot the runway during a time trial drag race in September, but suffered no serious injuries.

He told PA: “My kid phoned me up two days later, saying I know you have had a bit of an accident.

“In a bizarre way, what I do is normal to my kids. If I tell them I’m going to Nepal all they will ask is: ‘When you back?’

“I will say Monday. It’s not a big deal.”

McGuinness said of the incident: “When that actually happened we were actually laughing. It was quite funny.”

The Top Gear Christmas special airs on BBC Two on December 29.

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