Andrew Maxwell breaks down in tears on I'm A Celebrity

The comedian told his campmates that he was struggling with tiredness and being “just a little bit overwhelmed”.

Comedian Andrew Maxwell broke down in tears on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! as he revealed he considered quitting the show.

The Irish stand-up star became tearful during an exchange with co-stars James Haskell and Jacqueline Jossa in Saturday’s episode of the jungle-based reality show.

Following a vote that saw Haskell chosen as the camp leader, and him picking Jossa as his deputy, Maxwell went into their newly-erected leaders cabin and sat on one of the beds.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here
Jacqueline Jossa (ITV)

In Haskell’s absence, he told ex-EastEnders star Jossa: “I honestly thought that I was going to walk out, but I haven’t, when you’re tired, you just say ‘Have I done the right thing?'”

The actress told him: “You’d never leave, I can tell that, you’re just tired.”

Maxwell, 43, then started to cry as Haskell returned from having a shower.

Jossa, 27, told Haskell that Maxwell was tired, and that “he’s been sleeping on the floor, he’s had six nights on the floor”.

Former rugby player Haskell, 34, told the comedian that he is “an important part of the group, and we need you”, before advising him to eat some food.

Maxwell replied that he is “just so tired”, and Jossa noted: “You’ve spent over two weeks away from your family, it’s a long time.”

He said: “I’m just a little bit overwhelmed right now.”

Haskell told his campmate that he is “brilliant”, and brings “so much energy and laughter” before promising to look after him.

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here
James Haskell (ITV)

The sports star was chosen by the others in the jungle in a secret ballot vote to become the camp leader, giving him the power to rule over the others.

He and his deputy Jossa are exempt from all camp chores.

Caitlyn Jenner, who has become close to Haskell, quipped: “Our romance is over you picked someone else.”

But Haskell told her: “No, no, the leader always has time for all the women in his life, don’t worry about that.”

The latest episode of I’m A Celebrity also saw the 12 famous contestants face a stomach-churning trial, in which some of them had to hold critters in their mouths to free their co-stars from a jungle jail.

The challenge saw Ian Wright gingerly hold a Huntsman spider between his lips for one minute and Roman Kemp keep a scorpion in his mouth.

The second part of the trial, dubbed The Pest Office, saw others have to eat a jungle “delicacy” if their name was pulled from a hat.

Haskell and Jenner were the first to be picked, and they each had to eat a cow’s eye.

Nadine Coyle and Adele Roberts were then picked to eat a cow’s anus, both of them retching and struggling but ultimately succeeding.

The trial was a success as the stars won 12 out of 12 stars, meaning they won a full feast to eat back at camp.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.

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