True Love Or True Lies? Meet the contestants

Dani Dyer is presenting the show.

True Love Or True Lies? is back, with a diverse group of couples trying to prove they are the real deal.

Eight couples will move into a plush mansion in Malta when the show, hosted by Dani Dyer, returns to MTV this week.

Some are really in love, while others are fake. But which is which?

We have a look at some of the contestants:

– Bernadette and Declan

Declan and Bernadette
Declan and Bernadette (MTV)

Hailing from Belfast, Bernadette and Declan have been together for a year and a half.

Their relationship has gone from strength to strength since Bernadette was diagnosed with cancer last year, resulting in her having a leg amputated.

Declan says the day Bernadette told him she was going to lose her leg was the day he knew she was the girl for him.

Bernadette – who says she broke hospital records by learning to walk with her new leg in 10 days – has since had the all clear.

– Charlie and Chloe

Charlie and Chloe
Charlie and Chloe (MTV)

Charlie and Chloe first met in the female toilets of a club in Glasgow and became best friends.

Since then, Charlie has transitioned from female to male.

The couple kissed last September and have been together since.

– Poppy and Parisa

Poppy and Parisa
Poppy and Parisa (MTV)

Poppy and Parisa have been joined at the hip for almost two years but say that when they go out, lots of men do not believe they are a couple.

Parisa says Poppy is the bossy one out of the two, and that she often comes across as fiery and opinionated.

If they win the cash prize, they say they will put it towards trying to start a family together.

– Scott and Ryan

Scott and Ryan
Scott and Ryan (MTV)

Scott and Ryan were at school together but rarely spoke.

Years later they met again at their local gym when Ryan began giving Scott advice on his weightlifting technique.

Six years on, the pair are in a long-term relationship.

Ryan was brought up by his lesbian mothers, so coming out was relatively easy for him.

– Eliza and Jack

Jack and Eliza
Jack and Eliza (MTV)

Essex couple Eliza and Jack have been together for over a year and half.

Jack insists that the fact they argue proves they must be real, as no real couples get on all the time.

If they win, they intend to buy a house together, travel the world and, according to Eliza, “buy loads of clothes”.

– Shadia and Alice

Shadia and Alice
Shadia and Alice (MTV)

Shadia and Alice – who often get mistaken for sisters – met at work and have been an item for more than three years.

They describe themselves as “caramel African/Portuguese lesbian and Arab/Spanish bisexual couple with massive hair”.

The tactical twosome believe they have perfected their strategy for inside the mansion, saying: “Our tactics are simple – love and listen, listen more than you talk and soon the liars start to show.”

– Kory and Emily

Kory and Emily
Kory and Emily (MTV)

Kory and Emily have both been on reality TV in Australia, with Kory competing on Love Island and Emily winning Beauty And The Geek.

The pair, who say they are both party animals, met at an event in Melbourne and have only been together for four months.

They describe themselves as “massively competitive”.

– Timothie and Mahatma

Timothie and Mahatma
Timothie and Mahatma (MTV)

Timothie and Mahatma met on the drag scene, where Timothie’s persona is Grace Shush and Mahatma’s is Mahatma Khandi.

Timothie identifies as trans non-binary, and uses them/they pronouns.

This is Mahatma’s first relationship, but Timothie has previously been with Mahatma’s flatmate.

They want to be crowned the Perfect Couple because they see themselves as “what society says shouldn’t be a relationship: a gender-fluid, trans non-binary, plus-size, inter-racial, pansexual couple”.

True Love Or True Lies? starts on October 21 at 9pm.

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