New play reimagines the ‘deeply divisive' career of Boris Johnson

The cast for The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson has been announced.

A new play will explore the “compelling, colourful, deeply divisive” career of Boris Johnson.

The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson will chart the Leave campaigner’s impact on recent history and the “lust” for political power.

Jonathan Maitland has written the play, which is set at the zenith of Mr Johnson’s influence during the Brexit campaign, and depicts him in the political wilderness in 2029.

The cast for the drama has now been announced, with Will Barton, who previously played the former foreign secretary in BBC Two drama Theresa vs Boris: How May Became PM, in the lead role.

Scripts for the play will reportedly change on a nightly basis to reflect developments in the Brexit process.

Theresa vs. Boris: How May became PM
Will Barton portraying Boris Johnson holding a curry night in the BBC Two drama documentary Theresa vs Boris: How May Became PM (Katherine Edwards/Juniper Commun/PA)

Maitland said of his play and protagonist: “Boris Johnson is the perfect subject: compelling, colourful, deeply divisive, hugely influential. It was he, perhaps more than anyone, who changed the course of our recent history.

“Without him, Leave might well have lost in 2016. And he might be our next prime minister.

“But this play isn’t just about him; it’s about power – the lust for it and the cost of it.

Dugald Bruce-Lockhart will play Michael Gove., Steve Nallon will portray the spirit of Margaret Thatcher, and Arabella Weir will take the role of Winston Churchill’s apparition, among others.

The play is intended to explore the influence of a major recent force in UK politics.

Maitland added: “It’s also the ultimate dramatic moving target, which makes it challenging to stage, but also, hopefully, entertaining, exciting and relevant for the audience.

“During the course of writing this play, things have become increasingly chaotic and unpredictable which is why we’ll be updating the script, nightly if necessary, to keep up with events.”

Davina Moon will play Mr Johnson’s partner, and Tim Wallers will take several roles including Russia media tycoon Evgeny Lebedev.

The world premiere of The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson will take place at London’s Park Theatre on May 9.

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