Brexit should be done with by now, says Kelsey Grammer

The Frasier and Cheers star also shared his thoughts on reaction over support for US President Donald Trump.

Kelsey Grammer has said Brexit should be “done with” by now.

The actor, who will soon make his West End debut in Man Of La Mancha at the London Coliseum, added he hopes to be in the UK for the exit from the European Union.

He spoke out on the issue during a launch event for the stage show.

Man of La Mancha Photocall – London
(From left to right) Nicholas Lyndhurst, Cassidy Janson, Danielle De Niese, and Kelsey Grammer during the Man of La Mancha Launch Photocall, held at London Coliseum, London (Ian West/PA)

The Cheers and Frasier star said: “Today we have been talking about it a little bit, the Brexit thing.

“It seems to be that it should be done` with, it should be over by now.

“The deal should be done, cut and done, holy crap, two years, what the hell?

“Just get on with it, some people won’t like it, some people will. You get on with it and figure it out and hash out the details, you make the move.

“I don’t get it but that’s life, people see things differently. I would love to see it get resolved so that everyone can actually discover what the new world is going to be.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Grammer trended on Twitter after discussing his support for President Donald Trump on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Discussing the reaction to his comments, he said: “It surprises me but I’m a reasoned, thoughtful guy so I’m not going to say stuff that doesn’t make some sense.

“It’s not like I’m going to embarrass myself in the midst of it but I think it’s nice for us to exchange ideas about things and I will continue to do it in a polite way and that is really where we are falling down lately – civility, simple civility.”

He added: “I think if we could just get our kids to reinstate proper politeness we would go a long way to resolving a lot of the bitterness in the stuff that goes on but it’s fallen out of fashion.

“I think it can be reinvented though. I think it can be reintroduced and be successful because it’s great, civility is fantastic.

“Lives have been saved by good table manners.”

He told the BBC radio programme: “In terms of policy, I don’t have a lot of problems with what (Mr Trump) is doing.

“He’s a bit of a brat, I guess you could say, and that is astounding for people, especially (those) who come from the more liberal side of politics – they’re used to being the brats and so they’ve never had anybody come back at them the same way.

“We’ve witnessed in American politics, the same basic language since Ronald Reagan has been attached to every conservative president, but this is the first guy that ever kind of fires back and so it’s really unpleasant and they thought of course he shouldn’t be elected anyway.”

He has previously talked about his political views and in 2017 told Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs that being a Republican supporter is like having “a target on your back”.

Man Of La Mancha opens at the London Coliseum on April 26.

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